A Long Road for Many

A long road for many

Welcome to my blog. I decided to create this in the hopes that my story, which is not uncommon in the veteran community, would be of some help to others in their (what seems to be a) never-ending battle dealing with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

This blog encapsulates my opinions, but more importantly facts of my experience, my attempts to gain assistance from my political representatives and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) themselves. I am also going to cultivate a section for every veteran (or their families) to be better organized in their dealings, which is important because most veterans do not remain vigilant in their pursuits for disability coverage.

I strive to remain unbiased, but unfortunately I have to admit I remain smoldering from being burned for so long, which does tend to create an everlasting bias. I hope that you find this blog helpful, most importantly I hope this becomes a place where you can go to to feel like you are not alone in this battle.

We have the ability to do the right thing and help those less fortunate, but most choose to help themselves and become deaf to the cries of those who need it the most – Author


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