28 May 2021: Check this OUT…

It is really important to listen to and follow those who are actively trying to make a difference and are doing so without being swayed or coerced by social media guidelines or political pressures. That being said, The Advocate-Equalizer, Derek Bodner, has been working diligently to get his platform up and working and ‘ducks in a row’ as it were.

The Advocate-Equalizer has a podcast: We got your six

He is working on bigger things and is going to make a difference….

At this point, if your first thought is: Why bother? Then you are amongst a community of those who feel they can’t make a difference. It may be that you don’t have a family member or friend who served in the military. If you DO have a friend or family member who served in the military and feel like saying: “why bother” then that friend or family member never had to deal with the VA or injuries incurred while serving. If they did/do and you feel like saying “Why bother” then know you are also a big part of the overall problem.

Some walk, ride, climb, etc. to bring awareness to veteran issues.

Some contact their politicians and ask for them to do something.

Some sit back and think: I’m one person. What impact could I have on change?

Let me bring something to light, just in case you haven’t read the immense amount of information I have provided on this blog….although I will admit there is a lot of anger in writing on this blog because of certain experiences and circumstance, but if you read it all I am sure you’ll understand why.

Just to give a small example of why I fight, research and continue being a thorn in the side of the VA:

Out of the blue, the VA downgrades my Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

No explanations.

No reasoning.

Downgrade. So my lawyers appeal it.

I do another C&P exam via skype/zoom type platform. I RECORD EVERYTHING!

This doctor did not do any follow up questions. He didn’t expound on the information I gave, answers I provided nor touch on any of the line items that should be asked regarding PTSD symptoms. Nope, this appt. lasted 22+ minutes. I made it a point to provide a lot of information to ensure it was mentioned (once again, I RECORD EVERYTHING) and he did nothing with it.

After this appt./exam, I reached out to my lawyers and asked if I would be reimbursed if I pursued NEXUS letters from other physicians to support the appeal….

I was told by the law firm that my case is not a priority because they aren’t going to make any more money off of my case. Let that sink in a bit. This story gets much juicier but lets just say we had some words (I RECORD EVERYTHING). Bottom line, the law firm rep stated, after my lengthy email regarding contract obligations and trust, that he would put in an appeal.

Main point here is that the law firm provided me with a copy of the doctors report. Apparently, magically, my PTSD resolved over time. *Poof* gone! Amazing…but no one told me.

The VA uses contractors that write what the VA requires, not what benefits the veteran. If a contractor remained unbiased, they would not last very long on the VA teat! This doctor has been working with the VA for over 14 years. That explains quite a bit.

Instead of me going into a depression or a ‘poor me’ cave, I fight. I continue to research, collect data and become the machine that makes sure this abuse doesn’t happen to anyone else.

This is why I don’t sit back and ask “What could one person do?”. One person can be witnessed by another, who then gets the nerve to join in that fight, then those two turn into 2 dozen, then 100 people trying to fight for veterans, then 1,000 join in, etc.

Some of us ’embrace the suck’ knowing how bad/hard the fight is going to be, but we do it anyway! Derek is in that fight and doing it to help out the veterans who suffer, are abused, neglected, etc.

You can choose to ignore the problem and go watch your cat videos on social media, or whore yourself out for likes just to feel whole, or you can make a difference with something that could positively impact the citizens of many countries.

You make that decision each day you wake up. Which type of person are you?

If you are not willing to fight, then please pass on the information to others so maybe they could help.

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