25 Jun 2020: Open your eyes…

Pay attention to the following articles as it supports (continues to support) what I have been saying about how the politicians gleefully play their game and keep their voters thinking they truly support veterans…when they actually don’t.

23 June 2020:

-OKCFOX: Oklahoma City veteran organization receives portion of $10M grant to provide service dogs” (OK)

-Daily Independent: Phoenix VA selects Dr. Alyshia Smith as new executive director” (AZ)

-Boston 25 News: I-Team: Secretary of Veterans Affairs Francisco Urena has resigned” (MA)

24 Jun 2020:

-Boston 25 News: Report: ‘Hell broke loose’ after series of leadership errors at Holyoke Soldiers’ Home” (MA)

-NBC Boston: Secretary of Veterans’ Services resigns ahead of Holyoke Soldiers’ home report” (MA)

-Connecting Vets.radio: Senate passes bill making nation’s parks and public lands free for disabled veterans

Below are associated examples of how the politicians play you, I have written some notes into the ends of the article links:

2017: S.355 Wounded Veterans Recreation Act of 2017” [Died as Introduced. Proposed by Shaheen D-NH Feb2017. Died Jul2017. Went nowhere. Cosponsored by Sen. Collins (R-ME), Hirono (D-HI), King (I-ME) & Baldwin (D-WI)]

2019: S 327 Wounded Veterans Recreation Act” Porposed by Shaheen D-NH Feb 2019. Cosponsors? Sen Collins (R-ME), Baldwin (D-WI) & Tester (D-MT)! Passed Senate which means needs to pass house. Any changes and it HAS to go BACK to Senate for approval of said-changes before going BACK to House for approval vote. If it doesn’t get action…then it DIES…AGAIN!

25 June 2020:

-The Advocate-Equalizer: WE Got Your Six: Dave Bona talks Mefloquine rages

-Disabled Veterans.org: “Anonymous VR&E ‘Insider’ sounds off on recent VA rebranding

So much deceit by these politicians it is sickening….time to wake up people, before it’s too late.



















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