19 Jan 2020: Opioids & their victims…

I wanted to share the article that Derek Bodner had published from his site: The Advocate-Equalizer, titled: “Fentanyl: Weapon of Mass Destruction

It is easy to become addicted to drugs because they have the ability to make a person ‘forget’, even if for just a moment, about the hardships and pain in their lives. This can become addicting and force the person to continue pursuing that escape. It is because of that that we lose so many people. It becomes addictive to feel that escape and freedom from everyday burdens, but unfortunately it comes at a price.

On one hand you have politicians that ‘demand’ actions against the opioid epidemic, but unfortunately that is as far as their effort goes…with just openly demanding action. Why would they say one thing and yet do another? Because that is the definition of politicians.

Big pharmacy is a multi-trillion dollar industry and is very powerful. Anyone who believes Big Pharm does not have their talons grasping most politicians today is only lying to themselves. It is also because of the knee-jerk reactions (without thought) that creates more outlets and availability of other drugs manufactured by people who do not care if anyone lives or dies as long as they get their money.

Drugs have paved super highways with bodies and made many people very rich. Some people do not have a conscience and only want to get paid. Some people want to set themselves up, such as politicians, so they act as if they are going to take action against drugs and drug dealers. This epidemic and trail of bodies due to drugs is global and doesn’t just effect the person doing the drugs, but also their families…forever.

























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