26 Oct 2019:Veteran information

Derek Bodner (The advocate-Equalizer) posted an article “My Main Priority Will Continue To Be Our Veterans” on 25 Oct 2019.

Derek is a journalist in Canada and is a great fighter of veterans. Many may read his articles and think he is only reaching out to Canadian veterans and to that I say: “You need to READ everything because the information he provides is of global reach and benefit!”.

When I get articles that pertain to Canada, I will quickly send Derek an email with the link, even though I am pretty sure Derek has already set up the same alerts I have. His passion and desire to help other veterans, and not just Canadian veterans, is a benefit to all veterans and if more veterans had that desire then this world would be a better place for veterans. Alas, it is not so. This is why I pass on information and continue to compile vital information: in the hopes of helping some veteran out there who desperately needs it.

Mefloquine and Tafenoquine have caused many deaths across the globe and has effected so many veterans AND their families. We don’t, nor did we, have a choice deciding if we want to take anti-malaria pills or shots, it is mandatory. The result? Long term the veteran community starts to identify certain ‘problems’ and veterans start to compile data, like planning a mission. We do not sit there and say: “Our objective is 30 miles there, we just need to be ‘there’ by 2300 and do ‘this'” because there is a lot of planning happening for every mission. The same goes for trying to figure things out when we don’t feel ‘right’.

Quinism is the name that has been given to those who suffer from the long-term effects of the anti-malarial drug Mefloquine (and Tafenoquine). Suicides have occurred due to these same side-effects AND it is not confined to Canadian military or United States military, it is a global problem. Australia, Ireland, England and New Zealand have all had veterans negatively effected because of this drug.

Why does it still exist?

Big ‘PHARM’ has a lot of money and politicians have DEEP pockets, that’s why.

My alert system, which will compile a daily list of articles that appear throughout the world, uses keywords and phrases. That allows for a daily email of anything and everything that comes across the ‘wire’ that use those keywords or phrases, and mefloquine/tafenoquine are part of those words/phrases. Those ‘articles’ appear each and every week and are Market updates on the drugs in Canada. I have not seen trial research or market growth analysis in U.S., which tells me that the U.S. put a halt on that medication (at least in public) until more data comes out, which also leaves Canada free and clear to do whatever they like.

So what happens? More and more military members will be forced to take medications prior to deployments without proper testing prior to inoculating millions of service men and women around the world. Even if the U.S. barred/banned Mefloquine from its listing of anti-malaria medications, something MUST be put in its place for protection. We are and will remain the guinea pigs of our governments.

Just thing: Many of those who make the decisions that affect our long term quality of life or lack thereof, have never served a day in the military. In the U.S. there are many veterans elected to office in their state and it does not take long before they start playing the game like every other politician in existence. Bottom line: Many times we had to fight for ourselves in bad lands across the globe and never expected to have to do the same, only harder, within the confines of our own country’s borders. Yet here we are.

Regardless the time/date, I will, as I am sure Derek will as well, continue to fight for the veteran community against abuse: targeted abuse by the organizations created to ‘help’ veterans, but also continually researching information and gathering data to publish information that could help others across the globe. We are not a dominating presence, but we are a brotherhood regardless of country, because we were willing to sacrifice our lives for the betterment and defense of our country. Now, if only our countries would feel that same way……







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1 thought on “26 Oct 2019:Veteran information

  1. Thank you so much brother.


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