Global Media & Lack of Journalistic Integrity…

Derek Bodner from The Advocate-Equalizer published the article: “Austrailain Media Continues To Miss Mark in Whistleblower Case” 22 Aug 2019.

Despite this not being an article about the U.S. or Canada, it IS a story about a cancerous virus that is running rampant throughout ALL media outlets today. Without any level of journalistic integrity, the media would be allowed to publish lies to coerce the populations. This is occurring currently in the U.S. and dare I say it…all over the globe. There used to be a time when facts mattered, but now it seems that information will be warped and manipulated as the writer sees fit (I refuse to call them journalists if they continue to push deceitful actions) to coerce the opinion they desire (or are paid to).

You see, there is no chance for a writer to write up a story without imposing their personal bias into it. The only ‘but’ that exists is when an actual quote is being used, but then that can also be used in a way to distort the quote by writing information before and after it, while leaving out key information, to force the reader to form an opinion. A simple quote, which is being done almost hourly in the U.S., can be used in portion to allow the writer to force wording that will give the reader the emotion desired by the writer.

Now, a good writer is someone that can prompt emotion from the reader, this I will not deny. The problem that I have is when the writer takes only a portion of a quote and then twists it so the reader agrees with the writer’s perspective, instead of supporting the information by the source. Currently all media outlets, including social media, is being used to attack the President of the U.S., create racial division, fuel hatred towards others, spiking violent actions and distracting people from actually becoming decent human beings.

When is it okay to blow the whistle? When it is going to save lives? I suppose it depends on the information and who benefits from that information being exposed. VA whistleblowers in the U.S. are constantly retaliated against because of their desire to save lives of veterans, yet are made to look like the guilty party because of those in power. Sad, really, but it is reality. When the media has the power, everyone else becomes power-less!

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