22 Aug 2019: Veteran Articles

Below are the articles that hit the radar:

19 Aug 2019:

-Fredricksburg.com: “Commentary: FLS’ editorial attacks on VA missed the mark

20 Aug 2019:

-Whistleblowers.org: “USA Today: More bad news for VA whistleblowers?”

21 Aug 2019:

-Stars & Stripes: “VA sued over private emails between former top offical and ‘Mar-a-Lago crowd'”

-Fed Scoop: “VA scheduling tool enhancement ‘almost complete,’ just in time to be replaced

-The New York Times: “Trump Orders Student Loan Forgiveness for Disabled Veterans

-Military Times: “Trump orders VA to buy controversial antidepressant in an effort to stem veterans suicide

I want to go on record stating that this rubs me the wrong way to have a President come out and openly push for a medication/drug, especially in the hopes that it will reduce veteran suicide because he is not a doctor and he should know by now that if anyone dies because of this medication, he will be chastised horrifically by the press! If it does have a positive impact on veterans, he won’t get the credit. My big concern is that the drug has not been around long enough to gather data on long-term effects. Just have a bad feeling about the above information.

–Stars & Stripes: “Trump proclaims controversial new drug has ‘incredible’ potential to prevent veteran suicide

-The U.S. Department of Justice: “Five Fraudsters Indicted For Million Dollar Scheme Targeting Thousands of U.S. Servicemembers and Veterans

-3News Now Omaha: “Navy veteran stops in Iowa on nationwide tour to honor fallen service members

A big shout out to my buddy Mr. Sherman and the work he is doing. He is making sure that our fallen are never forgotten. He travels across the U.S., visiting Gold Star families and interviewing them to make sure that these soldiers live on and their sacrifices are not forgotten. This is a great endeavor and one that deserves recognition.

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