21 Aug 2019: Articles for veterans and more…

There are two articles of interest today, one of which does not directly relate to veterans but on a secondary level it surely does. The other article is a follow-up article regarding the physician who worked at the North Carolina VA and was arrested for drinking while on the job…which caused the deaths of three veterans. That DOES impact veterans directly. I will add some information between each article, to bring attention to certain matters at hand. Yes, I am pretty pissed right now so that may come out a little in my writing.

19 Aug 2019:

-AP News: “Detained immigrants sue over conditions, medical care

First let me start by saying that anyone who was/is thinking about entering the United States to become a citizen or looking for asylum would first look into the laws of that country. Why? Because in some countries if you were to invade without thinking, your head would be located in one location while your body another. Other countries you would have a nice jail cell and wondering what the other occupants were saying when they stormed into your cell during the wee hours of the morning. That being said, the mass invasion taking place at the southern border, which has already caused numerous American lives, is not by happen-stance, it was planned (and plans continue).

Now, it has been verified over and over again that the conditions are not as they have been reported, which is why it does not surprise me that the ‘press’ has been willing to plaster headlines to make it look like Trump is responsible, ignoring the fact that Obama created ‘cage-city’. No, in fact I believe that the politicians who spread lies saying that those locked away are lacking basic hygiene items (lies), were in overcrowded conditions (lies) and were separated from their children (lies…and these illegals have been caught recycling the same children being sent back, over and over again..funny how one child could have 15 fathers…I don’t think it works that way).

Why post this article if it doesn’t affect veterans? Actually, it does affect veterans. Veterans are still dying at over 20 a day to suicide. Nothing in the news lately, huh? Do you think it magically stopped? If so, you should probably seek medical help immediately. No, this article affects veterans because those we elected throughout the United States have chosen to ignore the veteran community and their needs and they do so promoting open access at the borders for ANYONE to come whenever they like. These politicians are allotting federal funds for them to live, all while ignoring the health and wellbeing of their constituents. That is not nice.

So my beef is that these same politicians, who blatantly ignore the cries of the veterans living in their communities as they continue to get abused by the VA and the VA-system. These 6-figure politicians who repeatedly spend all of their time acting like they care about those at the borders who are invading the U.S., yes I said INVADING because that is exactly what it is, are also enacting laws within their cities for illegals to gain identifications (pssst….what would you need in order to vote?). In Wisconsin, the garbage politician is making sure illegals are able to gain car insurance and then thinks the public is stupid enough to buy it when he says “it is to make our roads safer for our residents”.

While these politicians spend so much time and energy, sneaking additions to bills without getting on anyone’s radar, passing laws to benefit illegals and allot large amounts of federal funding to these illegals as well, our nations veterans are still dying of suicide, homeless, jobless and are being retaliated or abused (or both) by the Department of Veterans Affairs. These politicians do NOTHING other than what they think the public wants to see in order for them to get re-elected, which makes them the largest piles of dog excrement known in our universe. Oh sure, I am sure that somewhere deep in our universe there are other planetary objects, one that MUST be occupied by just canines, that possibly could have larger piles of dung, however, that cannot be proven as of yet, which makes it so for our world currently.

Does it piss me off? More than imaginable. Am I going to sit idly by and write articles expressing how pissed off I am? Well, I won’t be sitting idly by and most definitely I will be writing articles about it, but I am also organizing a documentary in the hopes of putting these politicians on blast because politicians tend to stick to their ‘promises’ when they are recorded. It’s time to hold these people accountable for their actions and inform them that they either support their citizens as they were elected to do, or they step down to allow someone else who WILL do the job correctly, to take their place.

20 Aug 2019:

-The Washington Post: “Former VA physician charged with the deaths of three veterans

Another fine example of ‘primo’ health care practices at the VA. Now, no matter where you work, unless your business is from your home and you are locked in said home day after day without any human contact, you eventually work with others. That being said, there is NO WAY ON EARTH that no one knew about this guys drinking problem, yet no one stepped up to report him (and if they had, the VA buried it and it probably won’t surface). This pile of shit killed three veterans, all who were looking at him to help them with their medical problems and this guy killed them. Thankfully he was exposed before he was able to kill any more veterans.

I ask you this, though: How many more doctors are exactly like this one? Not a nice thought, but a realistic one indeed.

Since the VA is making it a point to screw me consistently for over 13 years, I feel it has become my motivation to expose them for every infraction, especially if it harms another veteran, to ensure someone, somewhere will hold them accountable. Eventually I may find a politician with balls, who will actually stand up and hold the VA accountable, because it seems that the Congressional Committee on Veterans Affairs members are such a politician. Not trying to be a martyr, I am just willing to do whatever is necessary to get the abuse to stop towards our veterans.

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