Mefloquine & those without conscience

Derek Bodner of The Advocate-Equalizer, published the article: “The “Dr. Death” of the ADF” and is important to read over.


You see, I am in the United States, Derek is in Canada and there are many more around the globe who are also paying attention to things regarding military inoculations, long-term damages due to forced anti-malarial drugs and the Anthrax medication lot numbers that were known to be bad. Paying attention to what is going on around the world clearly shows that these decisions that imposed actions against military service men and women, were detrimental to their health and the chain of command (COC) knew it!

Anyone that served in the military understands the COC and how everything must be appropriately reported. They also realized that decisions were made, which the service members had no rights or options, that ended up with long term disabilities and death in some cases.

If you are a civilian reading this, they you know that if you have a problem with a coworker then you go to your supervisor. If your supervisor does not appropriately handle your issue then you go to his/her boss and so forth. You should also realize that if the CEO makes a decision, the worker-bees on the bottom must follow the guidance given. Now you should be able to understand more about the COC and how the military runs.

Bottom line: We were guinea pigs and used to benefit others, and by others I do not mean any other military member or our families, no what I mean is that it would benefit those higher up, who gain a benefit (financially or position high up) without regard to the damages incurred by us lowly service members. Nice huh? Welcome to our battle, well after being in the military and putting our lives on the line on a daily basis.








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1 thought on “Mefloquine & those without conscience

  1. What I have been uncovering is very insidious, and there is much more yet to come. Remember, government is a business, and when you work for the government you become nothing more than an asset in that business, without regard for the morality and ethics of humanity. Expendible guinea pigs.


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