Tafenoquine Stories-Colin

Derek Bodner from The Advocate-Equalizer posted: “Tefenoquine Stories-Colin” 12 August 2019.

I want to begin by saying that cover-ups and disregard for the lives of others is not confined to one area or one country. This article is about a Canadian soldier who was part of a drug trial for the anti-malarial drug: Tafenoquine (evil twin brother of Mefloquine). It is important to absorb the information in the article because it highlights specific problems that occurs throughout the world: Leadership deceit and denials, forced-volunteering, lies, etc. People die because of their decisions and they have zero desire to take responsibility. No, instead they choose to make counter-accusations and ignore the facts that exist from numerous people, who’s stories do not change, to gain a benefit (i.e. government position, monetary bonus, long-term government contract, etc.).

This sickens me to my core for our neighbors to the North, but also for our own soldiers as well, because we may not have been a part of a trial (that we know at least), but we sure enough had to take the anti-malarial drugs prior to deployments. Can you guess which drugs those were?






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