VA does not even try to hide their corruption and fraudulent actions…

30 July 2019: Military, Kimberly Jin wrote: “VA failed to reliably track spending on electronic health record system“.

Just a quick note about these topics: the VA continues to be fraudulent in their ways and these two links I have just provided proves it without a shadow of a doubt. The top subject is the electronic health records debacle that the VA was ordered to take action on years ago, when McDonald was the Secretary. That was the hearing where McDonald instructed the committee members on how the VA’s current system is proprietary and created and maintained by the VA.

Further clarification: The VA created their own application department and had them to create their own electronic health record (EHR) system, but did so to exclude access by anyone else. So their system was deliberately designed to only work for the VA. Strange how that could be since the DoD should have access as well, yet does not. Committee ordered the VA to use an ‘off the shelf’ application to accommodate DoD access.

Why would VA create a department and order them to create their own proprietary application? Funding, Funding, Funding, Funding and more funding. See, if you are the ones who created the application then you are the only ones that can maintain it, update it and fix it. That all takes ‘labor costs’ and ‘maintenance costs’ etc. Then the VA is able to add a large number into their requested annual budget and the committee would have to accept it. You know, because its proprietary and all. No one else would be able to fix or maintain it. See how that works? Yet here we are, 3 secretaries later and many, many years and it is still not done. Hmmmm can you say NO OVERSIGHT BY THE COMMITTEE? I surely can.

This video below is Dr. Phil Roe of the Congressional Committee on Veterans Affairs, from 2018, regarding the Colorado VA and their huge overspending of the VA hospital.

Denver VA hearing, opening statement by Rep Dr. Roe.

It is only about 10 minutes long but brings to the attention of everyone that this overspending has been going on for the past 10 years and the VA still gets away with their fraud. Amazing. It makes one really lean towards thinking that the VA works a lot more money into their budget each year, you know, because congressmen and women cost a lot more than one would think!



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