Service animals!

Sadly, too many people have gotten caught with playing off their pet as a service animal, just to be able to gain attention or head of the line privileges. This is disgusting as there are those of us who are disabled who rely on those service animals daily. For some it is emotional support, others they are early warning alarms for blood-sugar spikes or drops, others their animals detect when seizures are going to occur. Using a pet as a fake service animal just to draw attention to you means you are a higher-level mentally unstable person! One who deserves to be mule kicked!

With that, whether it be because someone else ruined for those who truly use/need service animals or workers are ignorant, it is wise to understand the law and possible repercussions to kicking out someone with a service animal before you face that situation. True, one should give the benefit of the doubt, but today too many people are trying to gain whatever advantage they can to be famous or get ahead, without care one the damages that it does to others.

Derek Bodner from The Advocate-Equalizer (OneCalgaryVoter) site, published an article on 29 July 2019, titled: “Time Horton’s Really Blew It This Time“. This article clearly highlights a couple of things:
1) Bias and ignorance does not know borders or boundaries
2) Obviously Tim Hortons has not learned their lesson from previous decisions they made.

Read the article and think about if this was you and your service animal, the animal trained to alert you to danger, keep you safe and/or save your life. Think about that.

By the way, the man who was biased against is the man who is traveling around Canada to bring attention to those affected by Quinism from being forced to take Mefloquine when in the military. Everyone should be pissed off about this, not just Canadians! I’m in the U.S. and I know this ignorance exists everywhere, however, unlike those who chronically bitch and complain about things yet have zero desire to do anything about it, I choose to become another voice for those that are biased against.

Too many vets raise their fists in the air and complain incessantly, yet when asked what they are doing about it they say “What CAN I do about it?” or “Nothing can be done” before ever trying. Be the change.






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