A continuation…

So many articles. I will try to put them in date order, but it is the headlines that are important and not so much the dates.

24 July 2019: Popular Military.com, written by Stars and Stripes, published: “Bill introduced to keep the VA from taking away Veterans’ guns without a court order“.

This is an important step to ensure our veterans are able to hold onto their firearms. I will say that there are some veterans who should not own guns because of their mental instability. That being said, there are many civilians who should never own guns because of their ignorance and mental instability. Unfortunately, Bills may make the headlines for being drafted and pushed, but do not seem to make headlines when they are allowed to ‘die’ and disappear, never to be heard from again. This could just be a flare to pop just to make veterans relax a little, which would be a mistake.

Joe For America, 24 July 2019, written by Raymond Draper, published: “Democrats Give $27,000,000 For Illegals… Refuse To Fund Kids Of Dead Or Wounded Vets Scholarship Any Further“.

Read this and when you are finished you can play a fun game called: ‘I wonder when the Democrats will finally take over my city, town and state and force me to obey their will?’. Won’t that be fun?

The Daily Beast, 18 July 2019, Lachlan Markay and Seamus Hughes wrote: “Feds Say Former VA Employee Used Vets’ Ailing Kids To Scam Millions“.

Yet another VA employee who will probably be given a raise and advancement in the VA system because of the deviousness they are capable of. This scumbag was in Colorado, and had help. I truly hope that there is a special place in purgatory for pieces of garbage like this…..wait….there is….its called the Department of Veterans Affairs. Never mind.

Judicial Watch, 23 July 2019, published: “Amid Opioid Crisis at Home, U.S. Blows $50 Million on Leery Afghan Drug Treatment Programs“.

If you dig deep enough, you will begin to see that the U.S. funds and supports many more countries than you would believe, rather than actually force the VA to support our veterans properly, or help our homeless citizens who need help. Nice huh? Yup, each and every day the headlines from certain watchdogs will expose yet another level of scum-baggery, while most people now get their ‘news’ from Twitter or FB and believe everything they read.

Once I used to believe that technology was going to benefit mankind, instead it is putting our demise on the autobahn towards destruction. So glad I broke my body and get to live each day in misery for the thought that I was doing something good to support my country. Yup, so glad indeed.

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