Sharing an important paragraph…

To Keep My Men Alive” from Veterans One Hand Up Inc.

This is just to share an important paragraph to educate those who think that everyone is a mindless, thoughtless and emotionless machine when in the military.

We do have feelings inside, but to act on those feelings could cost the lives of others. It could put those in the squad, team, detachment, platoon, etc. at risk.

We are soldiers, sailors and airmen who follow orders because that was our job, but thinking we were contributing to the greater good of the people and continuing the freedoms of those in our own country.

We do some things to survive. We do some things because those were the orders. We do some things because we are trained to. We do so knowing that someday we may have to process everything in our own brains, to make better sense of our actions.

Some have a hard time adjusting to civilian life because others have not seen through your eyes, yet you are expected to act like everyone else around you. Inside you may be screaming at the top of your lungs, but outside silent, because you know no one else would understand.

This is war.

This is duty.

Sometimes it is regret.











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