It was only a matter of time…

Recently I had published something regarding the Blue Water Navy bill that was passed (signed into law and everything by the President) only to have Secretary Wilkie put a hold on it until 2020. I also stated that I sort-of understood holding off if it would benefit the veterans overall. In other words, ONLY IF the Secretary of the VA is holding off because he had not actually budgeted for this added debt. That being said, the new fiscal year is October 1st of each year, which means he could have probably gone back to the committee and expressed the need for added funding (that is if he hadn’t already promised the extra millions as bonuses to his mobster-staff).

In the news:

24 July 2019, Benjamin Krause published an article on website, titled: “Advocates Sue VA Secretary OVER Delaying Blue Water Claims“. This article includes the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit petition titled: “Petition for review of veterans affairs agency action pursuant to 38 U.S.C. 502” which outlines the suit against the VA Secretary for his ‘locking down’ of Blue Water veteran claims.

If you were to canvas social media, you will begin to see the VA publishing a LOT of ‘new’ programs to benefit veterans. This is clearly to cloud your attention to the evil that they do daily. As unhealthy as it is for me, I track on these headlines and try to pursue the evil doings that goes on only to try and help expose the VA and finally decrease the abuse that veterans succumb to each day. I figure I feel it daily, no one else should have to, unfortunately there is so many negatives when speaking about the VA that one man cannot do it all himself, but I will still continue to try.

Onto another subject…..


22 July 2019, on the Pluralist website, the article written: “Pentagon Report on Military Suicides Spurs Talk of Confiscating Guns From Troops and Vets”, which goes hand-and-hand with:’s article written by Patricia Kime on 20 July 2019, titled: “New Military Suicide Report May Revive Debate Over Gun Restrictions“. The report is [HERE].

If anything were to surface that supports my theory that there is a bigger play happening here that most people do not realize, this helps support it. Look up the Chicago firearm homicides, Milwaukee WI firearm homicides, LA Firearm homicides and NY firearm homicides and then pursue how many of those shootings took place by someone who was legally allowed to carry. Of course you won’t do the research, why would you? Especially if you are a Democratic politician who is being PAID to push an anti-gun agenda!

You see, these politicians have already been putting things in place to make it harder to purchase firearms and one should notice how quickly these Democrats jump on the ‘disarm them all’ bandwagon after a mass shooting and how when their efforts start to lose steam then magically another mass-shooting occurs. Coincidence? Seriously? I hope you do not think it was a coincidence. Don’t think politicians are up to something?

Let’s flashback to the mailbox bombs that were being mailed to a bunch of politicians, who happen to be Democrats and then within hours someone is magically apprehended and pictures of a van with Trump stickers are plastered all over it? Within hours? Plus each of these packages that were sent off were delivered early in the morning, with excessive stamps on them, in unlisted addresses, without the stamps being stamped by the USPS processing center? You see, every (look at that word again: EVERY) USPS processing center had posters everywhere for the workers to quickly identify packages that could be dangerous and the protocol to follow. Those packages would have never left the building.

Politicians go after the NRA constantly. Now I am not an NRA fan in the slightest, as I am not a fan with organizations that get greedy and do not actually do what they were designed to do, however, those topics quickly show which politicians are willing to attack the hardest and when. Then you see California try to ban capacity magazines, then they make it unlawful to purchase ammunition without a background check, etc. Now the focus is turning towards veterans. Why?

Simple really. If a conflict was going to happen on U.S. soil, say a takeover from hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals trying to destroy the U.S., who would take up arms and combat these evil-doers? Antifa? (I truly snorted from laughing hard when I typed that). College students? Elderly folks? Politicians? No on all of the above. It will be predominately veterans. Why? Because many of us hold true to the oath we took ages ago and still believe in service to our country, regardless of timing.

So, I believe this to be yet another ploy to capture as many guns as possible, while the politicians use the excuse of “suicidal veterans” or “mentally unstable” veterans. If you track true gun violence, you will quickly identify that it is being done with illegally-acquired firearms, and not with legally purchased.

Think about this, as I close out this posting:

If our U.S. politicians were truly loyal to the U.S.A., would the following exist currently:

-Millions of dollars wasted trying to find collusion between Trump and Russians
-Valuable time wasted trying to prove collusion, proved no collusion, more time being wasted continually trying to prove what was disproved
-No effort being made to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for Benghazi, or for the over 30,000 messages she deleted or phones she used bleach-bit on to cover up her dealings
-No effort in holding FBI Comey accountable for the part he played protecting HRC
-No effort to hold Bill Clinton accountable for the tarmac-dealings
-No effort to hold Obama accountable for the many parts he played in his treasonous acts
-No effort to support 9/11 first responders who are dying off quickly
-No effort to support Vietnam Veterans suffering from Agent Orange exposure
-No effort to remove ALL ILLEGAL OCCUPANTS who are currently in the U.S.
-Enacting laws allowing FREE HEALTHCARE for illegals present in U.S.
-Removal of American Flags in political offices and buildings
-Federal funding to illegals so they do not have to work
-Tax refunds for illegals who are working here illegally
-Immense misinformation tactics occurring constantly on social media to convince those of weak minds of what to think, which works, by politicians
-Politicians vocal in pushing bills they allow to die that could help veterans
-A Dept. of VA being allowed to have an annual budget of hundreds of billions of dollars, yet veterans are still suffering
-Politicians who refuse to hold VA accountable as the VA overspends by over 100 million dollars after 10 years
-Politicians get busted going to ‘pedophile island’ when Epstein gets arrested, yet nothing is being done to hold them accountable.
-MN politician who married her brother, got caught breaking the law with her taxes and then spouts constant hate-filled things about the President, and is not held accountable

This list can unfortunately go on for ages, further proving my point that our current elected officials (for the most part) are cancerous and hard pressed to destroy America. When people stop doing the research to see if things are lies or the truth, that is when the country will fall hard. Despite my desire to maintain a great country, it seems that perhaps I am outmatched by those of inferior intellect and lack of common sense. This makes me sad, very sad indeed.















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1 thought on “It was only a matter of time…

  1. Very wise words on the VA, veterans, gun control and our incompetant and self-serving Congress and bureaucrats. I’m posting to my FB military page…


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