Mefloquine & those who are trying to help!

Today, June 4th, 2019, Derek Bodner   (One Calgary Voter/ The Advocate Equalizer) published: “Attention all Somali Veterans

Despite this occurring in Canada, this information is vital for all veterans who had to take Mefloquine while in the service. It truly does not matter whether it is Canada or the United States, we all served our countries, we all put forth the effort to honorably support the ’cause’ and put our lives on the line for the betterment of our countries (at least that is what we are told while serving). A border does not erase the fact that we had been administered Mefloquine prior to deployments.

What does this mean?

This means that the money that this doctor received will allow him to research a specific amount of records of those who received Mefloquine while enlisted in the military. If he finds a common link between this drug and specific disabilities, it benefits all countries who had their service men and women inoculated with this drug.

Thanks to Derek Bodner, we have a reliable watchdog in Canada who is diligently researching, reporting and maintaining vital specifics regarding Mefloquine and the things being done to better understand the side-effects and possible disabilities we face because of that drug.

I, for one, am quite happy that Derek is putting in the legwork on this subject and keeping us up on what is transpiring. Granted, there are hundreds of issues we all face as veterans dealing with disabilities, but if we do not grasp our victories when we can, we will only die waiting to win the overall battle.

Spread the word and keep an eye on these updates, then spread the word to the other veterans in your life and ask them to do the same. If you find something that has yet to be reported (from a reputable source), please share that with me and I will pass it on to Derek. Together we could absolutely make a difference, one subject at a time, to benefit those who no longer are able to fight against their disabilities (or in the U.S.: the VA).





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